Long-Distance Leader Virtual Book club with the authors

Join us for The Long-Distance Leader Virtual Book Club with the Authors!

We believe whole-heartedly in continual learning, and as such, we think there’s never a bad time to read. And summer may be one of the very best times to crack open a book – especially this summer when your calendar and life is likely a bit more flexible than usual.

And this is why we’re so excited to announce our first-ever, virtual book club!

In this virtual book club, we will meet over a series of three sessions (delivered through Zoom) to discuss the best-selling book, The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership.

When we wrote this book two years ago, there was a deep need for support of organizations and leaders who were new and/or just starting to adapt to a virtual workplace. And with even more organizations and employees working from home (many indefinitely) due to COVID-19, the need has never been greater.

In The Long-Distance Leader, you’ll learn foundational principles of leadership to help you successfully lead your team no matter where they’re located. You’ll learn our unique “Three-O” Model which refocuses leaders to think about outcomes, others, and ourselves. By pairing it with the Remote Leadership Model, which emphasizes using technology as a tool and not a distraction, you will learn how navigate the terrain of managing teams wherever they are. Filled with exercises that ensure projects stay on track and keep productivity and morale high, it’s the go-to guide for leading effectively, no matter where people work.

Each week during the Virtual Book Club, we will meet on Zoom and break out into small discussion groups to discuss several chapters of the book. Using our comprehensive study guide with suggested questions and ideas, you will meet with your group for 45 – 50 minutes to discuss and review what you’ve learned. Afterward, we will re-convene to wrap-up, share our thoughts and observations and network in the larger group.

Kevin and Wayne will kick off each Zoom session and pop in and out of the smaller discussion groups to help facilitate, answer questions and provide invaluable insight into their book.

This is a powerful opportunity to get access to Kevin & Wayne – today’s top leadership thought leaders. In every session, you will be able to ask questions, get feedback and directly interact with them!

The Virtual Book Club Sessions (held on Zoom):

Session #1: July 15 @ 4:30 – 5:45 pm ET
Session #2: July 22 @ 4:30 – 5:45 pm ET
Session #3: July 29 @ 4:30 – 5:45 pm ET

If you are a long-distance leader or aspire to be one, this is an opportunity that you cannot miss!

Pick from two book club options:

Option #1: LDL Virtual Book Club – Basic

Price: $29
  • Access to three Zoom sessions
  • The comprehensive study guide
  • Invaluable insight from the book authors, Kevin Eikenberry & Wayne Turmel

Option #2: LDL Virtual Book Club – Plus

Price: $59
  • Access to three Zoom sessions
  • The comprehensive study guide
  • Invaluable insight from the book authors, Kevin Eikenberry & Wayne Turmel
  • A signed copy of the paperback version of The Long-Distance Leader (A $20 value!)
  • On-demand access to The Remote Work Mini Series – a 5-video series to help you gain new skills and approaches to meet the challenges of remote work and be confident and successful. (A $20 value!)


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